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Early-Trained, Affordable, Allergy-Free, Mini-doodle Puppies for YOUR Needs

Dog breeding is a small part of our ADOPTIONS in Lynchburg, which include LIFETIME Protection, Support, Education, and Training.
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~~ WE DO have Mini and Micro-doodle Puppies AVAILABLE for ADOPTION~~
REDUCED Adoption Fees, SAME Amazing Benefits. INFO LINKS BELOW.

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Available puppies can be seen on our YouTube channel, Lisa's EverDoodles:
Follow the LINK—> MENU—> VIDEOS—>scroll through the most recent videos.
This channel is made to prepare families for their puppies Homecoming Day. If you see a puppy that has been declared available, you must immediately...

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8 months ago
I adopted Enzo from Lisa and he is the best puppy ever! He was so sweet and calm from the moment I got him. Strangers stop us on the street to comment on how good he is and how unique his markings are. Lisa did a great job raising him and it has made training so easy.
- Caroline K
11 months ago
6/8/2022 We just puppy sat a 3 month old Havenese puppy. Super adorable, but not potty trained. The owner said she believes the breeder probably didn’t do too much with that. Just want you to know again how much all the extra work and training you put into your dogs before they go to their forever homes is so much appreciated!!! UPDATE: Our Ryder had his first vet appointment (took a month because they were so booked). The vet said he was adorable. That he was way ahead of the curve on training and potty training for his age. And he’s really healthy. He is SUCH a good dog. We had friends over today that have two special needs kids and Ryder could sense it. He was paying particular attention to one of the kids that is non verbal. He was sitting right beside him most of the afternoon. He even briefly crawled up on the boy’s lap at one point, and the boy smiled. He didn’t jump on anyone and was easily redirected when he tried to puppy bite a couple of times playing. ...
- Heather Z
a year ago
We adopted a mini goldendoodle from Lisa and we do not have one regret! Lisa is incredible, so helpful, informative, and accommodating. Her puppies are not only beautiful, but so well taken care of and loved. If you go to Lisa’s home and watch her with the animals, you will see just how much these puppies love and adore her, and respect her training. We are so in love with our puppy Indy (formerly OrangeBoy), and we are so thankful for all of Lisa’s hard work. Thank you so so much, Lisa!!
- Amber S

The EverDoodles' Experience

(Updated 5/24/23)  DUE to a CURRENT HEALTH CRISIS requiring urgent surgery, we have REDUCED  many adoption FEES. 

 ~~ WE DO have Mini and Micro-doodle Puppies AVAILABLE for ADOPTION~~ 

  • 17-38 lbs maturity
  • GORGEOUS shades of COPPER, with white tuxedos & splendid accessories.   
  • Early-Trained from birth,  
  • Calm,  Socialized, Temperaments,  
  • Health-Clearances,
  • Vaccinated & Micro-chipped
  • Guaranteed, with a LIFE-TIME SUPPLY of Parasite Prevention,  
We INCLUDE this within each  ADOPTION FEE at no additional charge to you.
**SOME pups, graduating OUR Extended Training Program (beyond 8-wks age),...will be GOING HOME Late-JUNE, FULLY-Trained, Guaranteed. (affordable-fees) **   

Then,... Text Message Lisa: 434-610-8595 for the next step..

1.  ADOPTION APPLICATION (just the ADOPTION APPLICATION. Our Refundable Deposit Info is in the PROCESS information below. It must be submitted to secure a puppy)    

2.  THE ADOPTION PROCESS -with LINKS to our PayPal and Venmo services for RESERVATION DEPOSITS. The INSTRUCTIONS we give in the general Adoption Process are APPLICABLE to ALL ADOPTIONS.

3.  ADOPTION FEES MOSTLY EXPLAINED (many are reduced at this time) - it is impossible to compare a sales-based operation with a real adoption.  We are future-oriented and invested for LIFE,... With a comprehensive list of inclusions. Everdoodles' Adoptions are very UNUSUAL.  See our EVERDOODLES ADOPTION CONTRACT and,   ..... soon, our ADOPTION FAMILY'S COMPILATION OF HEALTH RESOURCES. 

Our special needs breeding story was born out of a problem that might be universally relatable.... We simply needed a some extra cash that winter of 2005 for the cost of heat.  

Back in those days, we did not know much about "backyard breeding," but we sure loved our Golden Retriever, (GR) and thought everybody should have at least one. 

Unfortunately, while interviewing adoption families, we discovered that many of them had recently lost their beloved GR to cancers.   Several were YOUNG dogs.  They died with little warning and 
no medical explanation. 

But their love for the Golden Retriever breed prevailed, and they were willing to take a chance.

Worry about this mystery fueled our search for a healthier breed.  We found that, by adopting a standard poodle male, we would be adding “hybrid vigor” to our line of puppies. (Yay to that!)

These pups were going to be big, (some huge) ...and gentle.. and wonderful with the children and precious with small animals...
The most perfect family dogs on the planet are likely GoldenDoodles. 

When we adopted Indiana Bones, we built our business around the the domain,  "Foreverdoodles."  It fit , because we believe true adoption creates a family relationship that exists outside of time itself.
This is the reason we insist our families understand the difference between ADOPTION and BUYING. Adoption is about planning, and intent and commitment. 

This is why we only breed zero-shedding, easy-to-train, no-nuisance, calm puppies. They are sort of like (perhaps easier than) children...(just more hairy).

Indiana (BONZEY) changed everything we thought we knew about puppies.  Our experience with his pups was about to reveal the potential of Goldendoodles, especially for families with particular (special) needs. 

Our interest in early-training began around Summer 2009 when our 6 wk-old Purple-Girl (PG) sustained a bad cut between her shoulder blades. 

She was brought inside, away from her siblings for several hours a day.  Inside,  she could get her nap in while hanging out with our older dogs, and she slept almost through the night in my bed .  
Her routine included Puppy Free-Play, protected by a duct-taped puppy jacket… (which was pure genius.)
It was 3-4 days, when I noticed something odd:  
Not only did she follow our trained dog's routine, but she held her urine until they answered the  Potty” call … 

In other words, she wanted to follow and copy the older dogs! ...That was huge!  

Somehow, we had discovered the KEY to early potty-training:   
Urine is a social event for ALL dogs. (We knew that, but we had never considered the implications with a young puppy.) 

Taking it further, we realized that urine is a language.  Puppies want to urinate where the other dogs urinate because, like all kids, they have something to SAY.  

When we realized we had accidentally potty-trained a 6-wk old doodle, it raised a profound question:  

 “What would WE CREATE if we put in just a little effort with EACH PUPPY before they go home?” 

I immediately launched a search for info that could explain these surprising results.

The most intriguing resources we found were based on the research of scientists, Scott and Fuller (1965).  Their findings formed the basis for the Biosensor Program (which is still used to prepare puppies for military service).  

Then we found several authors applied these findings in easy-to-read books. We learned specific routines that we (breeders) can do during the first 1-8 weeks of puppy development to enhance the training and coping abilities of our puppies. 

These small, brief stressors are actually good for the newborn pup's psychological development for special work environments.  

Oddly enough, we discovered the little exercises we were doing with the newborn pups,  gave us similar results with PG.  

We called it "desensitizing the puppies,"... just doing little things to the pups that mimmic their future home environment. Doing so would prevent fear of routine noises at home. 

We ran the vacuum right inside the birth box, so they would not fear it. We started by holding each newborn,  head slightly down or cradle position for a few seconds (completely unnatural).  

This program helped our doodles adapt quickly and smoothly into their new home at 9 weeks of age fully potty-trained. 

We got many of our ideas from our favorite, 
super-easy-reader book : "Super Puppy: How to Raise the Best Dog You'll Ever Have." 

We also found an obscure little resource called, "Just Say Good Dog." It taught us how to talk in a way that is understandable to a puppy.   

There are other contributors to to thank for guiding our philosophy of puppy development, my favorite guru, Cesar Milan.   I love this VIDEO where he simply TEACHES THE VALUE OF PROJECTING CALM ENERGY.  
THIS is the VIBE we WANT to project toward the puppies (especially when things are going sideways.)  

Cesar Milan is an excellent foundational source for training.  He helps us understand the way a dog THINKS...  which is the foundation of BECOMING the PACK LEADER.

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